How We Work


Our studio is built on a 6 year working dynamic that sprouted from the team at One & Co / HTC. We bring 20+ years combined experience distilling the world’s most complex technologies into solutions that touch millions of lives in meaningful ways. We’ve spent decades in top tier design agencies challenging expectation and fueling innovation through design. With HTC, we learned to pair hyper-creativity with practical manufacturing constraints. We know the limits and how to push them, leveraging material and process-driven innovation to ship market leading products.

We make technology human by distilling complex mechanical architecture into beautiful and meaningful product solutions. We have a point of view to share. Whether a brand is in the beginning stages or needs revitalizing, we are able to create bold products that get noticed. With a clear understanding of limits and process, we are able to push the boundaries of product design into new and exciting area. We love collaborating with companies who put innovation at the core of their business.